Video is one of the most effective marketing tools, and its popularity is growing. Studies show that the public prefers more and more when a product or service is presented in video form. The same is true for online courses.

C’est fort de ce constat que de nombreuses plateformes publiant exclusivement des contenus vidéo ne cessent de voir le jour et les internautes ne peuvent que s’en réjouir. C’est en effet le cas de Netflix, YouTube, TikTok ou même Facebook.

You want to impact more people with your contents, why not have your videos subtitled in French, English, German or Spanish? MAZA LASER provides you with carefully selected professional translators who not only work in their native language, but also exclusively in their field of expertise.

The notion of compliance with Netflix or any other client's parameters holds no secrets for us. Entrust us with your projects and they will be done with surgical precision and unparalleled efficiency.

We can deliver your subtitles in a variety of file formats, although SRT is the most commonly used format. If you need a specific file for your subtitling project or if you want the subtitles to be directly embedded in the video, you will find satisfaction at MAZA LANGUAGE SERVICES.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of the areas in which we excel in the audiovisual field:

  • Series
  • Movies
  • TV shows
  • Documentaries
  • Tutorials
  • Webcasts

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